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Nominee, 2024 International Women’s Podcast Awards, “Moment of Comedy Gold” category

Honoree, 2024 Webby Awards, “Best Live Podcast” category

Boston, MA – June 20, 2023 – Shakespeare Professors Caroline Bicks and Michelle Ephraim announce the launch of their Everyday Shakespeare Podcast, a bi-weekly series that goes back to Shakespeare’s day to offer fresh, funny insights into our everyday problems.

The Everyday Shakespeare Podcast is the first of its kind to deliver substantive content about Shakespeare’s world by connecting it to ours in a relatable, humorous way. Co-hosts Bicks and Ephraim are equal parts experts and entertainers, offering fun, informal master classes to their listeners. In each episode, they mine popular Renaissance texts — from sex manuals to parenting guides to plays — and discover the uncanny ways they anticipate a modern-day quandary.

Bicks and Ephraim are close friends whose conversations combine their historical and literary insights with hilarious riffs and questions, like: Should the Capulets have thrown a super-spreader masquerade ball during a plague outbreak? How did Cleopatra fight the middle-aged slide toward elastic waistbands? And, Do I have to invite my gloomy stepson Hamlet to my wedding if he’s just going to complain about my drinking?